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AudienceX, DeepVu and InstaBid, are some of our in-house products which work together with platform integrations to give us a significant technology advantage. The technology stack forms the underlying base for YOptima’s Full Funnel Marketing Solutions.



DeepVu is a powerful campaign optimization tool built using YOptima’s domain expertise combined with advanced statistical and machine learning techniques. By mining campaign performance logs across multiple DSPs, DeepVu provides automated insights and recommendations around hot spots and cold spots for outcome optimization. It overcomes several limitations of manual data analysis, and greatly improves ROI with higher throughput.

DeepVu, an AI driven recommendation engine to address a problem popularly known as ‘Simpson’s paradox’ as applied to Programmatic campaign analysis. With DeepVu in its current form, YOptima aims to streamline its own campaign management function improving its capacity and effectiveness by at least 30%. In the next version, DeepVu will be offered as a tool which can enhance campaign management with its advanced data analytics and intelligent recommendation engine.

Simpson’s paradox is a well known occurrence in probability and statistics in various data problems, where patterns appear in a group of data but disappear when these groups get combined in a larger group, or vice versa. Using data without the context of underlying behaviour can lead to misplaced decisions. 

For a campaign manager, DeepVu processes the data for patterns and recommends a few intelligent courses of action, which saves her several hours of intense data crunching. It essentially harnesses technology to hasten the process of intense data crunching which otherwise would take humans at least 3-4 times longer. What this does is reduces the time to reach the optimal combination of campaign parameters or the optimal ‘y’. It also can examine more possibilities than a human can given constraints on time for a human employee. However the critical element of creativity and judgement are left to the campaign manager, which we believe is the way it should be.



Instabid, the Enterprise class industry-leading DSP, is programmatically plugged into major Ad Exchanges across display, mobile and video ads. The platform is built as an Autopilot Marketing Engine that needs little human intervention and campaign management.

InstaBid is real time, multi-screen and delivers global reach, precision targeting and performance optimization.

  • At its core is a bidder that’s plugged into all major Real Time Bidding (RTB) exchanges, providing access to 50 billion ad impressions per day worldwide, across Mobile, Tablets, and Desktops.
  • The bidder employs prediction model for CTR and Conversion Rate based on a variety of dimensions including placements, domains, creatives, day part, frequency, recency and geographic location.
  • The platform is built for delivering performance across various metrics in the marketing funnel – Clickthrough Rate (CTR), Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Visit (CPV), Traffic Quality (Bounce Rate, % New Visits) and Cost per Action (CPA).
  • 3rd party integrations – Grapeshot for keyword contextual targeting, Bluekai for 3rd party audience data, Integral Ad Science for viewability, brand safety, and fraud detection, and ComScore for greater domain transparency.


AudienceX is an integrated DMP that presents to marketers a unified consumer journey across myriad digital touch points, and builds lookalikes of their best customers. It also empowers data-rich publishers to run their own private audience network enabling use cases such as audience extension and audience monetization. For instance, one of the leading online real estate aggregators registered 5x increase in targeted reach for its audience monetization business that ran real estate developers’ pre-launch campaigns.​

YOptima’s audience clusters deliver at scale, and comes at no extra charge.

  • Onsite and Offsite Customer Journey Analytics.
  • 550+ Curated Audience Clusters – interest, intent, demo (age, gender, parents)
  • Unlimited custom Audiences – on web and app environment
  • Lookalike audiences (based on pixels)
  • Preferred Programmatic seller for LinkedIn and Microsoft Audiences

We also offer access to 80K+ 3rd party audience clusters across 450+ data suppliers.

  • However, 3rd party data rarely works on Price, Scale, Quality triad.
  • Too many 3rd party sources with overlapping segments entails evaluation of 20+ data sources to figure out the one that reliably works for your campaign.
Natv Ad

YO Natv

  • Native ads# register 9% higher lift for brand affinity and 18% higher lift for purchase intent than traditional banner ads. Ad blindness at minimum!
  • Programmatic access to top native inventory exchanges – MSN, Outbrain, Taboola, TripleLift, RevContent, Sharethrough, Mopub, Yieldmo, Ligatus.
  • Access to top portals and news sites across Desktop, mApp and mWeb
  • As compared to buying separately on each native platform, 1) Universal Reach/Frequency optimization; 2) Wider array of Audience Targeting options including Custom audience and Lookalikes on Native ads; 3) Improved Performance Optimization.
  • Outcome driven Managed Service.
  • CPC pricing model with CPA optimization for RON buys.

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