Multicultural Marketing

Brands can no longer afford to treat consumers as being culturally ambiguous. They are defined by different sets of identities – Where they are from, Which school they went to, Where they work, What is their cultural background, and others.

For a car model, which traditionally appeals to one as a South Asian (or any other cultural group), a focused multicultural campaign with the right messaging and targeting would be way more effective than something more generic.


Why Multicultural Marketing?

Growth of multicultural audiences

With increasing migrations of population across the world, diverse cultural groups gain addressable proportions for marketers. Almost 40% of the population in US have multicultural backgrounds, and are also growing populations by themselves

Purchasing ability of Multicultural groups

Countries like US typically allow immigrants who will bring definite value with them and this in turn makes it highly likely that these groups are financially prosperous. With prosperity comes spending power which is an important factor making them a potentially addressable target segment

Efficient spends for marketers

With the ability to target a clearly defined audience with predictable behavior, marketers can spend time and effort on creating focused messaging and targeting. This has a higher chance of resulting in lower costs and better overall conversion efficiency.

Multicultural marketing is a powerful weapon in a brand’s arsenal in the battle for brand share. If you as a brand custodian aren’t using this tool, you stand to lose out on a lot.

How our Multicultural Solution Works

YOptima’s solutions help marketers reach distinct groups through mobile and desktop. YOptima runs display advertising campaigns across standard banners, video and mobile with an ability to target specific ethnic marketing segments showing distinct interests and behaviors.

For example, “25 to 40 year old Chinese moms in the Bay Area interested in buying baby care products” or “Hispanic person in Canada interested in money transfer to his/her home country”.

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