#CaseStudy: Recruitment for Global Consulting Giant


With corporations adopting high tech solutions to improve their efficiencies, this technology consulting company had a target of acquiring the best talent in next gen technologies such as Cloud computing, Machine learning, Virtual reality, IoT and Cyber Security. The high level targeting criteria were as below:

  • Experience range: 4 to 8 years
  • Target location: Pan India
  • Joining Location: Tier 1 Cities (Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai)


The first step was to understand the current website audience behavior and map it to the marketing funnel. Since we were looking to drive recruitment for the client, we focused on building relevant audiences from various sources.

  • Pretargeting: We identified and targeted similar audiences in websites frequently visited by current applicants.
  • Competition’s audience: Using AudienceX, our inhouse Data Management Platform, we built a custom build audience pool who have shown interest in job opportunities offered by a competition brand requiring similar qualification/skills.
  • Location based audience: Identified and targeted an audience pool across India looking for relevant job opportunities in one of the joining locations to attract potential candidates.
  • Contextually relevant targeting: Considering the media consumption of potential candidates, we ran programmatic campaigns targeted at sites related to technology, business and news categories.

Interesting insights which helped the client understand their target audience better

  • More than 60% of the target audience with these niche skills are actively looking for a role change.
  • Job seekers use weekdays to explore potential opportunities and use weekends to apply for those roles.


  • 1850+ job applications enabled through the campaign
  • 35% reduction in overall CPL compared with the initial benchmark
  • 60% of job applications came through within the same day of the ad being served

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