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#CaseStudy: Audience Targeting for E-commerce


 India is a very competitive market for eCommerce players, especially around festival season where eCommerce portals register more than 40% of their annual sales in 3 months with 2 players currently dominating the market. A leading eCommerce player wanted precise competitive audience targeting and conversions during this period

Campaign objectives

  • Reaching out to Customers of Brand B: Audience who have very high affinity towards their competition (Brand B) and are not current Customers of Client (Brand A)
  • Achieve 60% video completion Rate
  • Driving new traffic to the sites or app downloads


  • Followed Audience browsing patterns – Search, Content, Topics, Webpages/URLs
  • Classified Audience based on Semantic Meaning of Content, Frequency, Recency and Velocity
  • Built Custom Audience layered by current Intent, Affinity based on the campaign requirement


  • Built and targeted competitive audience cluster (6 million uniques – of highly targeted audience) by mining consumption patterns over 3-months to infer audience affinity and propensity to buy on Brand B.
  • 33% lift in video completion rate compared to the benchmark by targeting competitive audience.

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