Why Programmatic?

Programmatic Marketing is essentially the automation of digital media buying and selling, thus making it highly scale-able and offering many different levers of control which were hitherto unavailable. Through Programmatic, the main advantages include:

  1. Universal reach – Through Programmatic, advertisers have access to millions of ad impressions at any point of time across the open internet.
  2. Audience Targeting – Through Programmatic, theoretically unlimited number of custom audiences can be created precisely target a TG
  3. Automation – Depending on what kind of inventory an advertiser wants, automated rules can be set to buy them – roadblocks, guaranteed buys, preferred deals, open auction
  4. Transparency – To ensure that brands get what they are paying for, transparency measures have been built into the Programmatic eco-system with several independent providers offering verification services.
  5. Market Pricing – Programmatic greatly improves access to pretty much any brand globally to 95%+ of the digital ad inventory available, and thus makes pricing competitive for those impressions.

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