Full Funnel Marketing

Understanding consumer interaction with your brand at different stages of the marketing funnel is vital to shape the corresponding interactions. We start with understanding users through their online behaviour and then specific design campaigns to address them at different stages of the funnel.

To build Awareness of a brand, Branding campaigns would make sense. To drive purchase and loyalty, Prospecting campaigns would be more relevant. Although there is no instant recipe for success, these campaigns help you start off and through the analysis of data, we continuously optimize campaigns or even suggest other changes.


Targeted visibility – We enable targeted branding across devices and discover unique insights beforehand. Leverage this for your branding initiatives.

Consolidate your offline direct buys on one platform with universal frequency cap.

Granular performance metrics compared to what individual pubs or ad server offers.

If buying via open auction, pricing is typically below offline negotiated CPMs, unless you’ve done a huge bulk deal.


Customer Acquisition – We target digital profiles similar to those of your existing customers, automating and scaling new customer acquisition.

Audience Discovery
YOptima profiles your existing customer base, and identifies just the right audience to target based on customers’ digital footprint on the wider internet.

Granular Targeting
550+ curated Audience

interest, intent, demo (age, gender, parents) and 80K+ 3rd party audience segments across 450+ 3rd party data aggregators and exchanges.

In-market Lookalikes
YOptima builds lookalikes of the brand’s best customers with customized control on reach vs. precision. Influence preference for your brand for in-market customers.


Final push – We drive conversions from prospects who’ve interacted with your brand already and need the final reminder or push to convert.

Remarket site visitors dropping off before converting on a much wider inventory scale, to make sure you don’t miss targeting them before the intent window closes.

Re-engage with current customers with targeted offers at regular intervals for upsell/cross-sell with 2x higher reach on Programmatic.

Programmatic inventory offers lower price as you explore inventory beyond highly competitive GDN.

The YO Operating System

YOptima’s solutions are built on top of a stack which takes into account the wider eco-system of devices, media, and integrity mandates for compliance.

YO Audience Solutions

Through our Audience targeting expertise, we can use various levers to target very specific audiences. We can employ Look-alike targeting to find the best lookalikes of a brand’s best customers. Multicultural marketing can be used to target users who have shown a strong preference for a particular brand. For example, NRI audiences for real estate properties in India.

  • Look-alike Targeting
  • Demographics, Life stage, Lifestyle, Interest, Intent Targeting
  • Audience Extension
  • Custom Audiences & Competitive Targeting
  • LinkedIn Audiences
  • Pretargeting and Contextual Targeting
  • Remarketing and Re-engagement
  • Multicultural Marketing
  • Hyperlocal Targeting
  • Vernacular Targeting

Look-alike Targeting

KPI specific lookalike Audience match

Demographics, Life stage, Lifestyle, Interest, Intent Targeting

600+ audience clusters

Audience Extension

Build your private audience network a la FB Audience N/w

Custom Audiences & Competitive Targeting

e.g. Niche job skills targeting

LinkedIn* Audiences

On and off-LinkedIn! Plus other 3rd Party Audiences e.g. Bombora

Pretargeting and Contextual Targeting

Remarketing and Re-engagement

DCO, Zero Bounce Audience

Multicultural Marketing

Chinese, Filipino, South Asians, Koreans etc.

Hyperlocal Targeting

e.g. Target Tech Hubs, Airports, Business Districts

Vernacular targeting

Language of content, Native Language, Browser Language

YO Media Solutions

Another way we work with brands is through specific media solutions which can be used in combination with other solutions to deliver an overall campaign objective such as branding, prospecting or remarketing.

  • Video Solutions
  • YO Natv
  • Story Telling Sequencing across Video, Rich Media
  • PMPs; Roadblocks; Rich Media; Interstitials

Video Solutions

VAST and VPAID across desktops, Mobile Web, Apps & Games

YO Natv

High Visibility Native Ads with Audience Targeting across top native inventory exchanges

Story Telling Sequencing across Video, Rich Media

PMPs; Roadblocks; Rich Media; Interstitials

YO Pricing Solutions

Price is an important parameter to consider with every campaign. We offer several pricing levers which can be used in combination with other solutions such as media solutions.

  • Guaranteed Viewability CPM
  • High Value Arbitrage Pricing
  • Optimal Branding
  • Optimal Performance

Guaranteed Viewability CPM

High value Arbitrage Pricing

Exploit Information Asymmetry

Optimal Branding

CPM pricing optimized to CTR & VTR. CPC & CPCV Pricing for always-on mid-funnel campaigns..

Optimal Performance

CPM pricing optimized to CPL Goals. Outcome Driven Hybrid CPL Pricing*

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