At YOptima, we believe our employees are the most important stakeholders. They are the ones who drive the business everyday, and work directly with our customers. This trust and responsibility in our team translates to an engaging two-way conversation at the workplace, which also translates to a great customer experience.

Work-life balance

While we work really hard every day, we also understand that our team members have personal lives which requires their time, often not aligned with typical work hours. That is why we work with our employees wherever possible to offer flexible hours.

A team which dines together, stays together

While we get busy delivering the best customer experience, we make sure that the team stays well fed with breaks for lunch and snacks – all on the house!

We also plan team outings for birthdays and other important occasions.

Employee benefits

  • Tea/ Coffee, Lunch and snacks are on the house
  • Leave policy
  • Health insurance
  • Regular feedback and appraisal
  • Continuous learning and mentoring

Feedback and appraisal

Feedback on progress is very important for every employee and we understand this. That’s why the senior team members take time out to share valuable feedback every day through stand-up meetings, and also every year through performance appraisals.

Not only does this help employees improve at their role, but also enables a continuous two-way conversation at every team level.