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Our Consulting Services


Setting up Programmatic infrastructure for your brand is a significant investment. There are myriad technology, tools and frameworks to work with, which can very easily become really complicated very quickly if you are not sure what you are looking for. With the experience of setting up complex AdTech platforms over more than a decade of experience, senior consultants at YOptima also walk the talk. We’ll take a holistic look at your requirement, examine your assets, challenges and opportunities, and recommend the best way ahead.


Often, keeping your digital campaigns running can become an end in itself and before you know it, your competitors are leaving you behind with innovative cutting edge campaigns. While it is important to rely on advertising which works, its also important to know what works better or can work better for you. Our senior consultants work with brands across industries and geographies which gives us a comprehensive understanding of what can work for your brand in a particular geography or for a particular target audience.


When you need a customized approach to your Programmatic objectives, our Bespoke services make sense. Sometimes you don't know what the problem is and may need help troubleshooting. At others, you may need to identify issues with brand safety, viewability, or fraud. Through exploratory interviews with stakeholders and in depth audits, we can get a holistic understanding of your system and recommend the best way forward.