Why YOptima?

Optimize media buying even before you spend

YOptima’s Consumer Journey Analytics platform mines through onsite and offsite user journey and discovers high affinity patterns exhibited by your TG and best customers.

The exhibit here shows top ARPU sites for a leading furniture ecommerce brand mapping their existing best customers’ journey. This pattern was exploited to build and target premium in-market audience, and drove 3x ROI lift at scale.

Build custom audiences to precisely target TG

We delivered programmatic video campaign for leading ecommerce brand around the festive season.

Built and targeted competitive audience cluster (6 mil uniques) by mining consumption patterns over 3-months to infer audience affinity and propensity to buy on Brand B.

33% lift in video completion rate compared to the benchmark by targeting competitive audience.

Access to high quality underpriced inventory

Our sophisticated price asymmetry algorithms are always discovering pockets of high quality inventory that’s underpriced.

For instance, premium inventory owned and operated by Google’s competitors is not traded on GDN and hence underpriced due to market inefficiencies.

Target ads that are “in view”!

Guaranteed View CPM available.

60% of display ads are never viewed.

Upto 2.5x lift in CTR for ads targeted based on pre-bid viewability.

Pricing Which Works

Flexibility of pricing models – CPM, gvCPM, Cost-per-view. CPC if targeting masses.

Analytical approach to campaign management with DeepView to automate discovery of hotspots and coldspots.

With fully transparent, outcome driven managed service, we are a virtual “in-house trading desk” for our partners.

20+ targeting levers

We employ more than 20 targeting levers to find the right audience for a brand.

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We’ll place a cookie on your website and by analyzing your users’ behaviour be able to give you insightful recommendations to get better marketing ROI.

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