YOptima is not a pure technology company, but a company that uses technology to give marketers and agencies super powers – enabling them to achieve their marketing objectives at tremendous scale and in a compressed time frame.

YOptima was founded in 2013 by ad tech industry veterans who’ve worked in leadership positions at Yahoo, Komli, Pubmatic and Microsoft. The team has a cumulative experience of more than 2 decades in setting up and managing Programmatic campaigns globally.

We have a mix of senior industry leaders and a younger group of campaign managers and data scientists, eager to learn and bringing in their unique perspectives to solve media problems for increasingly different audiences.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be the preferred Programmatic advertising platform for advertisers and agencies globally.

Our Mission

Make Programmatic Buying effective, agile and intuitive for Marketers.

There is no dearth of data, measurements and visualization tools in ad tech.
But there is a huge gap and opportunity to convert this massive mountain of data into unambiguous insights and live recommendations for programmatic campaign managers.

We use proprietary technology, best-of-breed integrations and domain expertise to:

  • Supercharge marketers’ success regardless of their comfort level with Technology.
  • Empower Campaign Managers to overcome Simpson’s Paradox and make intelligent trading decisions for optimal performance.
  • Accelerate Marketing ROI at scale by automating early discovery of “cold spots” and “hot spots” across audiences and channels.
  • Transform mountain of data and measurements into unambiguous insights and recommendations and enable effective actions for successful campaign outcomes.

Who we are, What we do

We solve real marketing problems

As a marketer, you probably have managed a brand and know how difficult it is to meet growth targets by reaching a wider audience, but similar to your existing customers. Moreover, there is always a time constraint which makes it even more challenging.

At other times, you can’t seem to figure out why your campaign is not delivering results. Your customers don’t seem to be convert although your communication and creative seem to be on point. In all of these cases, you need data driven insights and accelerated marketing, which we are experts at.

We believe marketing is about leveraging tech to take better decisions

You probably keep hearing about how digital marketing is best left to the usual suspects, the ‘walled gardens’ and their built in Artificial Intelligence. The problem with subscribing to that school of thought is you would be letting go of so much control and leaving money on the table. Unlike these big boys of AdTech (Advertising Technology), we are taking a contra bet that digital marketing can not be entirely automated. We believe that Machine intelligence can complement but never replace human intelligence. The role of campaign and marketing managers continues to evolve but won’t be obsolete ever.

Our Technology Stack – Products and Integrations

While we are not a pure technology company, technology is integral to our business. We invest in R&D to build proprietary tools and also integrate with best in class industry platforms such as:

  • Google certified DSP (Instabid)
  • Lookalike DMP (AudienceX)
  • Decision Engine (DeepVu).

We take prevailing challenges with AdTech seriously and have integrations with the industry best providers of

  • Brand safety
  • Viewability, and
  • Anti-fraud integrations.

Our campaign managers and data scientists

Campaign managers at YOptima are the ones who constantly analyze data and use our 20+ levers to give brands the best ad placements for the money. A campaign manager works closely with the marketer to determine the best plan to achieve your marketing objectives, and puts it into action. She also continuously optimizes campaigns to deliver the expected results.

Our data scientists work on improving the solutions we offer, building new solutions and helping YOptima stay one step ahead of other AdTech providers. DeepVu, our AI recommendation engine for campaign managers is an example of an innovative idea which first came from our Data scientists.

What we do best

To put it simply, YOptima enables Marketers find lookalikes of their best customers.

We empower marketers to target lookalikes of their best customers across devices, and discover unique audience insights beforehand.

We empower businesses to engage with their customers and audiences through all stages of the marketing funnel:

  • Brand awareness
  • Prospecting
  • Remarketing, and
  • Re-engagement, including reselling, up-selling and audience monetization.

By combining Machine Learning with Human Intelligence, we discover unique audience insights, and optimize performance across the marketing funnel for Agencies and Marketers. Over the last five years, we have become the full funnel marketing platform of choice for leading digital marketers globally across CPG, Tech, B2B, Retail, Travel, BFSI, Gaming, Autos, Telco, Real Estate, Education and other industry verticals.

Our Story

Satish Kadu, the founder at YOptima is one of the pioneers of Programmatic marketing in India. He has worked with Yahoo, Microsoft and Komli in the past where he’s been involved in setting up and managing Programmatic platforms and teams for global markets. While a key member in these organizations, Satish has always been a true-blue entrepreneur at heart and always wanted to start his own business.

Satish knew then that Programmatic advertising was the future of all digital media advertising,  he decided to take the plunge and started really small. Starting from 1 employee and 1 campaign in 2013, the team and company have grown steadily side by side in the last five years.

Although YOptima is still a start-up at heart with a lean team, but it punches much above it weight category. With a combination of domain expertise, enthusiastic and hardworking team, and a best-in-class technology stack, we help brands just taking off to well established global brands in leveraging the power of Programmatic to get a competitive edge.

A couple of years ago, Divya Bhat joined YOptima. Divya comes in with a lot of experience in AdTech, having worked previously in GroupM and Xaxis in senior Business and Analytics roles. She has brought in the impetus to take YOptima to a global market and is actively working towards this while also strengthening our domestic pipeline. With Divya, we’ve also started looking at the business in a more product oriented view and plan to leverage the world-class products we’ve built in-house in the past towards partnerships in the AdTech space.