AdTech as an industry sees constant innovation and change in technology, bringing in better experiences for end users, advertisers and other stakeholders. For end users who are served ads, data privacy has been a major concern which is being addressed through regulatory measures such as GDPR. In parallel, brand safety, verifiability and fraud are three challenges which brands and advertisers face.

To address these challenges, we only work with compliant technology partners and follow industry best practices. Our innovative technology stack combines proprietary solutions with best in class industry solutions. AudienceX, DeepView and InstaBid, are some of our inhouse solutions which give us a significant technology advantage.

Service 1

AudienceX is an integrated DMP that presents to marketers a unified consumer journey across myriad digital touch points, and builds lookalikes of their best customers. It also empowers data-rich publishers to run their own private audience network enabling use cases such as audience extension and audience monetization. For instance, one of the leading online real estate aggregators registered 5x increase in targeted reach for its audience monetization business that ran real estate developers’ pre-launch campaigns.

Service 2

DeepView is a powerful campaign optimization tool built using YOptima’s domain expertise combined with advanced statistical and machine learning techniques. By mining campaign performance logs across multiple DSPs, DeepView provides automated insights and recommendations around hot spots and cold spots for outcome optimization. It overcomes several limitations of manual data analysis, and greatly improves ROI with higher throughput.

Service 3

Instabid, the Enterprise class DSP, is programmatically plugged into major Ad Exchanges across display, mobile and video ads. The platform is built as an Autopilot Marketing Engine that needs little human intervention and campaign management.

Our technology partners

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