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Marketing Automation & Analytics
Platform offering Global Reach
Real Time Audience Targeting
across Mobile & Display
Transparent, Brand safe and
Fraud resistant Platform
Flexibility of Engagement Models
from Self-Serve to Fully Managed
Best-of-breed Technology Integrations
Delivering Return on Marketing
Investment (ROMI) at Scale


YOptima is a growth marketing platform of choice for some of the leading marketers in India, spanning ecommerce, real estate, tech, B2B, financial services, online gaming and other verticals.

YOptima is upending the traditional ad tech model of spending media at the marketer’s expense to optimize campaigns, using its innovative and proprietary technology called Pretargeting that drives performance lift of 3-10x over traditional display advertising solutions.

The YOptima Audience Platform helps businesses engage customers through desktop, mobile and video ads across all stages of the funnel. Marketers use YOptima to prospect new customers at the top of the funnel by creating highly targeted, large scale look-alike audience of their existing customers. YOptima also helps businesses re-engage existing customers by leveraging first-party data to identify personalized re-selling and up-selling opportunities.

YOptima has built highly efficient and scalable enterprise-class Programmatic Marketing Platform using Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology. The platform is programmatically plugged into major ad exchanges across desktop, mobile and video ads with access to 50 bil+ brand safe ad impressions daily worldwide.


Through RTB integrations with all major ad exchanges, the YOptima platform provides access to 50 billion+ brand safe ad impressions daily worldwide, across a global roster of comScore publishers, and across formats – from standard banners, rich media, and video to mobile web and apps.

What makes YOptima a platform of choice for its customers is a combination of

  • Innovative and reliable technology stack
  • Success stories in driving superior ROI across a range of verticals
  • Best-of-breed tech integrations for brand safety, real time viewability, fraud detection, audience data and keyword contextual targeting
  • Flexibility of pricing models from % of media spend to CPM or CPC
  • High quality managed service and support

Drive precision targeted campaigns for brand awareness and engagement in a brand safe environment.

  • Target by context – Premium Sites Verticals (across 26 top IAB categories and 600+ sub-categories; Keywords at page level
  • Target by Audience – Demographics, Interest & Intent based on 3rd party data and YOptima look-alikes
  • Levers for brands safety and viewability
    • Filter by whitelist or blacklist, Filter out sensitive categories e.g. adult, drugs, downloads
    • Block out ads with very low viewability
    • Domain level transparency in reporting

YOptima platform offers unique capabilities to drive mid-funnel prospecting campaigns.

  • Optimize for Clickthrough rate (CTR), Cost-per-click (CPC), Cost-per-Visit (CPV), Cost-per-Action (CPA) goals, or a combination
  • Optimization levers
    • Proprietary techniques for look-alike modeling and optimization to deliver superior ROI
    • Contextual targeting (by sites, categories or Grapeshot keywords)
    • Pre-bid viewability targeting to selectively buy impressions that are likely to be in view
    • Fraud detection technology to eliminate robotic impressions, fraudulent clicks, and poor visit quality inventory

Target any ethnic community anywhere on the planet at scale for Branding and Performance campaigns across devices.

  • Multi-cultural audiences spend < 15% time on ethnic sites. YOptima helps marketers target ethnic audiences wherever they go on the web, without limiting campaigns only to ethnic sites
  • Additional audience targeting levers
    • 3rd party audience data through Bluekai integration e.g. Moms/35+ in US
    • Language targeting e.g. Chinese, Arabic, Spanish
    • Target based on unique signals indicating specific behaviors of the ethnic audiences e.g. recent immigrants, students
  • YOptima customers have run campaigns targeting Indians, Arabs, Filipinos, Chinese, and Hispanics living in US, Canada, Australia, UK

Reach and target valuable audiences on mobile to make the most of your media mix. YOptima delivers brand, performance and multicultural campaigns on mobile across mobile web and apps.

  • Mobile display on web and apps
  • Mobile Places of Interest (PoI) targeting e.g. target audience at Airports to achieve the level of precision not possible on other devices
  • Mobile Video (MRAID)
  • Ethnic targeting – run campaigns targeting ethnic sites/apps as well as an ethnic audience pool on mobile

YOptima platform helps premium publishers achieve the paradigm shift from media selling to audience selling, unlocking the value of their audience and creating a new revenue stream.

  • Audience Extension – Publishers can run direct sales campaigns targeting their premium audiences anywhere on the web in a high-viewability and brand-safe environment
  • Audience Enrichment – Publishers can combine their audience attributes with 3rd party data to improve targeting on direct campaigns
  • Benefits
    • Typically 10-30% of publisher’s audience visits the site in a given week, which means a short duration brand campaign running on site/app would miss out on 70-90% of target audience. YOptima’s RTB solution effectively increases campaign reach by 3-10x
    • Audience extension offers 10-20x more impression opportunities
    • Enables publishers to pitch for higher CPM audience-targeted campaigns


YOptima is a real time, multi-screen, omni-format programmatic buying platform that delivers global reach, precision targeting and performance optimization.

  • At its core is a bidder that’s plugged into all major Real Time Bidding (RTB) exchanges, providing access to 50 billion ad impressions per day worldwide, across Mobile, Tablets, and Desktops.
  • The bidder employs prediction model for CTR and Conversion Rate based on a variety of dimensions including placements, domains, creatives, day part, frequency, recency and geographic location.
  • The platform is built for delivering performance across various metrics in the marketing funnel – Clickthrough Rate (CTR), Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Visit (CPV), Traffic Quality (Bounce Rate, % New Visits) and Cost per Action (CPA).
  • 3rd party integrations – Grapeshot for keyword contextual targeting, Bluekai for 3rd party audience data, Integral Ad Science for viewability, brand safety, and fraud detection, and ComScore for greater domain transparency.

Our approach to delivering performance is based on 4 core principles:

  • Look-alike Modeling (PreTargeting) – YOptima models explicit and implicit data at cookie level, but excluding personally identifiable information (PII), to find look-alikes of marketers’ best customers.
  • Accelerated Learning and Bid Optimization – YOptima’s bid analytics module (ACCEL ™) employs patent pending algorithms to accelerate learning speed of prediction models, and improve prediction accuracy for CTR and conversion rate.
  • Pre-bid Viewability – YOptima is integrated with industry leading 3rd party solutions to dynamically change the bid based on viewability of an impression. This cuts down wastage on ads that have little chance of being viewed.
  • Fraud Detection & Inventory Quality Management Notwithstanding the due diligence employed by RTB exchanges, RTB inventory is not fraud free. YOptima has invested in multiple solutions to deter, detect and block poor quality inventory that belongs to any of the 4 buckets – very low CTR, very high / fraudulent CTR, poor click-to-visit rate and poor visit-to-conversion rate.

Case Studies

One of India’s top three real estate portals wanted to scale up their display prospecting campaign, but at reduced CPA goal. YOptima employed audience look-alike targeting and optimization to deliver significantly reduced eCPA at scale.

Australia’s leading luxury cruise operator wanted to ramp up lead volume ahead of the holiday season. YOptima executed the campaign using Display and FBX and drove 10x lift in lead volume delivering the same budget, and maintaining strictest brand safety norms.

Client wanted to improve ROI and scale beyond the traditional model of targeting ethnic websites for driving customer acquisition. YOptima leveraged its massive multicultural audience pool and optimization techniques to deliver huge lift in ROI while delivering within budget.

Online gaming client in Australia wanted to test display for driving quality leads, and had seen poor ROI and volume with other ad platforms. YOptima employed behavioral targeting to deliver huge lift in ROI while delivering within budget.

  • Ongoing branding campaigns for the last year for one the largest quick service restaurants promoting various products targeted at specific populations. We use Audience Targeting for this client to find ethnic audiences for each product over desktop, mobile/tablet and using that data to also retarget them on mobile apps.
  • Delivered 0.15% CTR at scale
  • ROI improved 220% by targeting ethnic audiences on global websites, and not just limiting to ethnic sites.
  • Continuing to deliver leads for the travel insurance product from one of the largest insurance companies in the world
  • Campaign focused on Mexican travelers
  • YOptima employed behavioral targeting to deliver huge lift in ROI while delivering unprecedented scale


YOptima is growing rapidly and we are always on the lookout for talented people with high energy and a passion for solving complex marketing problems with creativity, technology and math.

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